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Why Focusing on Racism is Bad for Your Energy

Racial tensions and social class tensions have reached new heights.

In more than 140 cities across the US, we’re seeing riots, looting, and civil unrest. Millions of Americans are on unemployment, and pandemic assistance. And millions are struggling to actually receive those funds due to various levels of government corruption. Over 100,000 people in America have died from COVID-19. And there’s no denying people are suffering right now.

Racial Tension

We’ve seen the senseless murders of Ahmaud Aubrey, Breonna Taylor, and now George Floyd. A woman named Amy Cooper called the police on a man who was bird-watching in central park because he asked her to place her dog on-leash, here’s why it’s relevant.

And in my own little corner of the world, I’ve seen people I love saying “unfriend me if you‘re voting for Trump” and “burn every city down” and “all lives matter, not just black lives.” This is coming from allegedly WOKE & non-racist people alike.

I bet most of you are going through similar experiences, but the purpose of this article is to remind you of a few VERY IMPORTANT THINGS.

Reading the statements above may trigger painful emotions. It might remind you of collective suffering and injustice, and you might even feel helpless, unheard, unloved, and burdened by it all.

But this is only a reflection of our collective consciousness.

Here’s what Universal Law says about it.

The Law of Correspondence states that our current reality is a mirror of what is going on inside us. Our reality is the result of our innermost dominant thinking. On a larger scale, this will be the most dominant thinking of the group we identify with, whether it’s our family, friends, race, culture, etc. Topics like race, corruption, police brutality and overall dissatisfaction with where we’re at might be the driving issues behind the energy we’re all feeling right now.

But when our lives are filled with unhappiness, chaos, and negative experiences, it is only because that’s how we are feeling and thinking.

According to the Law of Correspondence, you need to be very conscious of your vibration during these highly emotional, and uncertain times.

Be careful where you spend your energy.

Your energy is valuable currency, and whatever you focus on, you are buying more of.

These are complex issues, believe me, I know this.

What’s not complex is:

  • how much love your friends & family of all races have for you.
  • Or, how many privileges you have as an AMERICAN in 2020 regardless of race.
  • And, how you will manifest everything you think, feel, and project onto others in your own experience.

To elaborate, you might feel angry and think that certain people are treated unfairly. If you ego-identify as someone in that group, you will experience more unfair treatment. To amplify this, if a friend views you as someone in that group, they are now projecting onto you the expectation of unfair treatment.

Misery loves company.

It may seem like they love you and are your ally, but in accordance with Universal Law, they are helping to keep you exactly where you are. This isn’t their fault, but the unconscious result of ignorance across the board.

As long as you identify with a group of oppressed people, you will experience more unfairness and oppression.


The Universe isn’t biased.

It doesn’t care about fairness or even your happiness. Your subconscious mind has no filter, and accepts whatever you agree to and deem to be true.

Imagine the Universe is a genie.

No matter what you ask, it says:

“Certainly, your wish is my command.”

EVERY SINGLE THOUGHT, whether pleasant or unpleasant, will be accepted.

Your subconscious mind will begin to seek out more experiences to reaffirm this belief.

If you say “white privilege feels like an unfair advantage afforded to white people” then the Universe says “your wish is my command” and you will begin to notice greater unfairness based on the color of your skin.

Alternatively, if you say “I always have good experiences and I love my brown skin” you will experience others reflecting that self-love, and you will attract and manifest better experiences because of your brown skin.

This is not negating the fact that someone was murdered.

No doubt, there are negative energies all around us. But negative people will get theirs, trust and believe.

However, we must not forget that this is an egocentric YOUniverse.

There are many injustices taking place around the world at all times. The truth is, very few will directly impact your life unless you welcome the experience into your awareness and invest energy toward it.

Why Focusing on Racism is Bad for Your Energy

Most people don’t know this, but I had a brother who was killed by a racist in a hit-n-run before I was born.

The person was never charged.
My daddy carried that pain with him his entire life, but he didn’t punish others for one man’s actions because they were the same race.

He also had mixed feelings about race, and I don’t think he really felt understood by white people either. In other words, I’m sure he was happy that I married a black man.

However, he raised me to LOVE each person individually. To judge them based on how they treat me and that’s it.

Focusing on racism isn’t going to solve it, because you are still acknowledging it’s power over you.

Focusing on racism is bad for your energy because being human is about deliberate creation. You cannot be a deliberate creator, and simultaneously acknowledge that someone or something outside of you has power over your experience.



Thought Forms

Thoughtforms work like this: whatever we deem as fact, is reaffirmed in our experience.

Whatever we let energy die to, births a new energy.

If we let the topic of racism die, the next conversation about an unarmed black person killed by a white cop will center around police brutality and governmental reform, and so forth. Wouldn’t this be more helpful in stopping unnecessary killings?

For example, look at the cycles in your own life.

Maybe there’s a financial barrier you’re struggling to cross, or argument that keeps recycling with the same person. The only way to break the cycle is to go within and change your internal dialogue.

In most circumstances, there’s negative self-talk about money or you’ve been arguing inside your head with that person, regardless if they’re in the room.


We all make mistakes and we have all been ignorant about something.

Don’t fall into the trap that anger will solve this. Anger is one of the lowest vibrations we have access to.

It’s not like these are new feelings, people have been angry and it hasn’t changed anything on a large scale. I see more changes in mixed-race families, where a grandparent has to learn love and tolerance because they have mixed-race blood. LOVE is what changes things.

REMEMBER, this country was founded on incredible division between warring African tribes, Europeans with different ideologies, Native Americans vs westerners, and of course slavery. These are deeply rooted, and complicated issues.

Unless we all wake up tomorrow in greater conscious awareness, this will be a long journey.

Here’s some relief…

Accepting the fact that progress takes time will bring you a sense of relief.

This can be especially difficult when you’re talking about raising the consciousness of the masses.

I’m sure there are thousands of other stories of oppression and racism that don’t get national coverage or go viral on social media.

The significance here is that the media has reached into your awareness of certain issues, you’re now giving those issues more energy.

Imagine if you never heard about the story in MN, would your feelings and emotions be any different right now? I am willing to bet you’d be happier, and more productive.

Be very careful where you invest your energy.

Energy is valuable currency, and you are buying more of whatever you spend your energy thinking about.

Consciousness is the only problem.

If you don’t like something, change it from within your own heart and your experience of it WILL change.

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  1. well said…I love your advice “be careful where you spend your energy…whatever you focus on, you are buying more of” I have also been considering this idea a lot lately…i appreciate your insights. thx.

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