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The Truth About Masculine Energy Traits

Ok, we’ve all passed on good guys and entertained bad guys.

And we’ve met good guys, who don’t make us feel like the bad boys make us feel.

Or bad boys who make us feel all the things we know we don’t want long-term, but we keep pursuing the relationship.

I will explain this phenomenon in a moment.

This article may seem harsh, but if you make it all the way through then you are intellectually able to understand the truth behind inter-gender energy dynamics. This is only an overview, but we could go much deeper into this topic in future articles. To understand these concepts requires you to feel beyond appearances, and truly be in touch with your own resonance with the world around you.

Let’s jump right into this.

So how can we tell the difference between true masculinity and f*ckery without wasting valuable time on the wrong guy?

Masculine Energy

There are several things that play into this. And yes, contrary to what the media says, SIZE DOES MATTER.

That is, if you want to be sexually and spiritually satisfied, the sex has to be good. This is not a trivial article, and it’s not going to be politically correct whatsoever – but it’s the truth. If you’re ready to deeply understand these inter-gender dynamics, here are a few guidelines to masculine energy:


If you want a loyal, and long-standing partnership, there has to be a genuine attraction to your mate. The size, in terms of height, weight, and sexual organs will inevitably play a role in how long you remain interested in a person, as attraction is biological.

Everyone is entitled to their preferences, as these were given to us by nature.

If you think about humans as wild animals, we’re wired to seek out the best possible set of traits in a sexual.

This gives our offspring the best chance at survival – according to our biology.

Preferences are Unique

Some of us will date a guy that meets our needs, even if he is shorter than 5’10.” Others will date a guy that doesn’t make a lot of money if he protects us and supports us emotionally. This really boils down to your personal life experience and what your soul seeks as a means of expression.

Preferences are different for everyone.

There is no perfect size, as all of our anatomies and preferences are so specific.

However, the sex between you and your partner has to reach the level of spirituality for it to fulfill you more than just physcially.

Here are a few other masculine traits that the feminine energy needs in order for the relationship to work.



The masculine energy is biologically wired to protect the feminine. This is because our divine roles are: the feminine (to create; through patience, discernment, & nurturing) and the masculine (to sustain; through protection & provision).

Sometimes this instinct to protect emerges as jealousy or aggression when a male is in his dark side energy. This doesn’t mean that his intentions are bad, but he will always instinctually want to protect you – especially from other men.

Other men are a biological threat to his mating potential. Biologically speaking, if he doesn’t protect you, then he could end up raising someone else’s child.

This is the ultimate failure for masculine biology.

It’s relevant because although this piece is about masculine energy, the physical expression of a male is a representation of his divine masculine energy. True masculine energy should be rational enough to discern actual danger from nonsense. At the same time, you should be able to support him in this and avoid bringing out his jealous nature unnecessarily.

In other words, there should be no question who would defend your family against an intruder, etc.



There’s nothing worse than a guy who talks about himself all the time. The feminine energy is coyer, more gentle, and avoids confrontation at all costs.

Thus, we aren’t wired to force the process of creative expression. Rather, it should be brought out in us by way of the masculine energy triggering feminine creation. As the sperm battle each other in an effort to reach the egg, the egg must be discerning enough to accept the best sperm.

In other words, with balanced masculine energy – you will become boundlessly creative. This level of creativity needs structure and discipline, or it will also create negatively.

When a man tries to control and limit this creative process it has a suffocating effect. Truly masculine energy knows when to lead, and when to relax. He should protect you and cultivate you – with clearly established boundaries.

He should implicitly understand what’s good for divine creation, and the energy will balance itself. Additionally, he should even protect you from yourself when you aren’t in alignment. But if he tries to limit healthy creative expression, you will begin to feel choked off from creation. You will have to recognize the difference. And you may even experience health problems with a metaphysical cause if you are not clear on what you’re feeling in this regard.



As I mentioned, when the masculine triggers the feminine in physical form, it is procreative and boundless. This feeling of boundlessness requires some form of discipline and stability to yield a product outcome.

The feminine is not wired to accomplish concrete physical tasks. This doesn’t mean you can’t run a business or raise a child without a man.  It means that the masculine energy refines and cultivates the feminine to yield divine balance. Without both, there will be an imbalance. We need to balance both energies internally, and in our environment.

This is Universal law.


Feminine Traits in Men

When was the last time you enjoyed feeling like you had to be the more emotionally stable person in a relationship?


I know I’m going to catch some flack for this, but here goes.

The modern media tells us to encourage men to cry and share their emotions, but this is simply pop-logic. Men are not biologically wired that way.

The only exception is when someone is physically male, but wired more like a female. In that case, the principles applied herein would also apply to those more feminine by nature.

Once a divinely masculine boy becomes a man, he learns to transmute negative emotions like anger and dominance into productivity. Some boys experience more feminine instincts so this would not apply to them.

However, if your masculine partner or son is biologically wired like a male, then he will not express or desire to be feminine in most situations.


More on the Transmutation of Emotion

Look at all the males in the animal kingdom. There is a period of life when crying is an acceptable way to express emotion.

That period is when a man isn’t a man, but a boy. Usually, tears for maculine boys are the result of feeling like they aren’t moving toward an objective.

They are different from feminine tears in youth, which may be the result of hurt feelings, etc. In the beginning, both energies start out fairly similar, but once hormones are introduced and life circumstances increase the divide between masculine and feminine energy, emotions begin to manifest very differently.

When we see adult men in emotional distress over something small, we feel slightly less secure.

This is biological because the strongest man in nature is also the fittest for survival and thus protection, provision, etc. Crying when someone dies is normal for both masculine and feminine.

Crying because of an ankle sprain or an argument with a co-worker is abnormal, especially for the adult masculine. At that point, the masculine has subconsciously told the feminine that he is still a boy, and it leads to subconscious insecurity in his feminine partner.

Imagine the brain saying “well he’s not going to survive this world, time to look elsewhere.”


Divine Masculine Energy

The Divine Masculine Energy is about growth and forward movement. Progress is key. Thus, the masculine is not inclined to appreciate the highs and lows of emotional contrast.

It will typically dip off into a private space, refocus on objectives, and let things go. The feminine sees emotion more like a roller coaster, and it’s along for the ride.

To encourage true masculinity, we have to understand the solipsism of feminine energy. Solipsism is referring to the singular perspective, or view that the self is all that exists.

Feminine energy is solipsistic because at a higher level, at the subconscious level, the SELF IS ALL THAT EXISTS.

It is very hard for the divine feminine to understand this, as it is also very compassionate and empathetic toward others. But we also have to realize that solipsistic empathy is not the same as understanding. This doesn’t remove the instinct for the feminine to overstand, empathize, and feel through situations, as the two energies are always balanced on every level.

Consequently, the feminine does not protect its own objectives by seeking concrete solutions. It only creates and learns through the process of positive/negative creation without concrete understanding.



Masculine energy is the more practically and physically dominant, while feminine energy is the more spiritually and metaphysically dominant. This means that a masculine man will not feel controllable or allow you to control him.

When this occurs, don’t be alarmed.

It doesn’t mean he needs to be controlled or controlling, but true masculinity is the more assertive energy. This energy doesn’t try to control others. It is embodied as an unmistakable dominance that earns leadership status and the respect of a group. As an engine powers a vehicle, the masculine energy stabilizes and moves the divine feminine creation forward into time-space reality.


The Male and Female Brain

You should take a look at the books on the male and the female brain by Louann Brizendine.

They depict the differences between how the masculine and feminine energies are embodied. But remember, masculinity and feminity are on a scale. We all sit at some point on that scale with differing degrees of both forms of expression.

If a woman is channeling her masculine energy, it will bring out feminine energy in her partner. This doesn’t mean she is masculine, but the Universe is always balancing in your favor.

In the same respect, there is feminine and masculine energy at every level. Inside each of us, and in our environment. It’s impossible to be purely masculine or purely feminine, so as the feminine we must feel the balance, and channel certain energies when needed.


How To Tell The Difference Between “Mr.Right” and “Mr.Right Now”

There are generally two types of masculinity expressed in physical form:

  • Alpha Males
  • Beta Males

The Mind of an Alpha Male

Alpha males are your typical f*ckboys. The jocks, the athletes, and the pricks. These guys are either physically superior or financially superior – or both. They struggle to follow the rules, and usually end up working for themselves, at the top of their company, or in jail.

As young men, they can be wild, impatient, unfaithful, indirect, or all of the above. They typically have many women interested in them and cause more harm than good in their youth.

When these men get older, they tend to desire certain things in life which help create structure and boundaries.

The feminine energy is biologically inclined to entertain this type of masculine energy because our hard-wiring tells us it’s the best opportunity for mating. However, modern-day we don’t live in harems or share partners, and men are held accountable for child support, etc.

This alpha behavior isn’t always practical because most men don’t make enough money to support multiple families. Nor do they want to split their living situation between multiple homes. Nonetheless, we are wired to seek out this kind of masculine energy, especially in our most fertile years. We literally get more happy brain chemicals like dopamine and oxytocin when we’re with a “bad boy.”

The best way to keep an alpha interested and invested in you is to be on your A-game at all times. Try not to create conflict over his behavior, be feminine, embrace his alpha nature, and take care of your appearance as sexist as it may sound. The alpha has more opportunity and value in the sexual marketplace than most males, and he knows it. He is apt to bond with the woman who best caters to his alpha nature.

The Mind of a Beta Male

Beta males are just about everyone else. These are the guys who have always had trouble getting women, and most women know when they’re settling with a beta male.

But often, these guys start out less physically or financially fit, and end up becoming more alpha over time.

It’s best to learn about inter-gender dynamics before entering into a commitment. And if you want any form of masculine energy to commit to you (in marriage, etc) do not have sex right away.



The creative process of sex is incredibly powerful. It affects masculine and feminine energy very differently.

As the masculine is prone to conquer and dominate, more sex = productivity for the masculine. However, sex has the opposite effect on the feminine without established trust. The feminine tends to self-destruct without a consistent outlet for this type of creativity.

Put simply, the masculine values quantity, while the feminine values quality.

Sex with many partners teaches the masculine through the Laws of Action and Polarity. Through a lot of sex with one partner, the feminine learns by the Laws of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy and Oneness.

This is very general. Each of us are on the scale of masculine and feminine energy, no one is completely on either side of the scale.

However, if you consider yourself extremely feminine, sex with multiple partners will do more harm than good. On the other hand, a woman who is more masculine can manage the intensity of sex with multiple partners. It really depends on where you are on the scale. In general, this is how the Divine Masculine and Feminine experience sex.


Finding the Right Fit

Sometimes a distortion of the ego and lead us away from our path.

The most important job for the Divine Feminine is the ability to be selective. Don’t allow Mr. ‘Right Now’ to fill your mind with bulls**t. The feminine energy is most balanced when it feels secure and stable.

So even if a guy doesn’t meet a long list of arbitrary requirements, he may be exactly what balances you.

There are a few masculine “identifiers” or traits that you should be able to spot, but these are mostly biological.

As mentioned, do not have sex early on if you consider yourself to be a feminine woman.

Listen to your intuition. It’s guiding you.

To be feminine in this physical world means that you are, for lack of better words, blind. Your divine instincts and higher faculties are your guides. They’re more reliable than your eyes or ears. In Hindu, they refer to the physical world as the “Lila” or the “divine play.”

This is particularly crucial information for the feminine as we are the embodiment of the creative force behind all that we see in nature. Let your higher self be your guide. Just as you’d avoid watching a gruesome scene of a movie, avoid any form of thinking or imagining that doesn’t serve you.

Learn how we stay focused on the path with these 5 techniques.

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