Divine Feminine Alchemy

The Alchemy of DNA

I was listening to a lecture on Astrology the other day and the teacher mentioned a VERY interesting concept. She said there is a sort of Alchemy to our DNA. The culture we are born into and how we see ourselves in the cycles of the Earth is tied to the Telluric grid of the region we come from.

WATER (Awareness/Spirituality) ~ African cultures
EARTH (Health) ~ Native American cultures
FIRE (Emotion) ~ European cultures
AIR (Logic & Reason) ~ Asiatic cultures

I wonder if we could use this Knowledge to navigate unlocking the Divine Feminine? I find it interesting that most of these alchemical ties are also each culture’s greatest weakness when there is a disconnect from spirituality, nature, logic/reason, and emotion respectively. As above, so below.
In the video, I mentioned tips like using crystals & herbs from your native land, talking to your ancestors, and relocating. But there’s more to it… There is an alchemy to unlocking our DNA that can be used to help liberate our souls from the entrapment of these physical bodies. Our physical bodies originate from Earthly mothers and carry Earthly DNA. The DNA is tied to genetic codes which can be used to unlock the vessel. Our souls come from a collective energetic source, or cosmic “mother” and also have their own codes in the Earth’s akashic records.
The following alchemical elements correspond loosely to each culture and can be used as access points for unlocking the DNA:

WATER (Awareness/Spirituality)queendom

  • Africans
  • Create an ancestor altar & learn voodoo.
  • They should also purchase nostalgic crystals and herbs, and eventually move to a climate conducive to where there DNA originates from.

EARTH (Health)

  • Native Americans, South/Central Americans, & Aboriginals
  • Using Astrology or medicinal herbs like Peyote & Ayahuasca
  • It is very important for Native Americans and Aboriginals to be connected with the land. It is said that the aboriginals of India’s Andaman Islands have died of heartbreak when moved away from their land. 1 in 10 deaths of Native Americans are alcohol related. Generational alcoholism was a direct result of colonization.

FIRE (Emotion)

  • Europeans
  • participating in dramatic art and music
  • European cultures tend to have passionate, strong emotions which can be used for both creation and destruction. Europeans have been conquering and colonizing everything from natural resources to foreign peoples for many millennia – but this emotional energy could be channeled into incredible art. Those with European ancestry should work to transmute these powerful emotions into beauty.

AIR (Logic & Reason) 

  • Asians
  • Doing Qi, martial arts, and breathing/meditation
  • Asiatic cultures tend to operate through logic & reason, and are very skillful and patient in times of war. Alternatively, when living in a chaotic environment, they are prone to experiencing stress and depression. The leading cause of death in many Asian countries is suicide, something directly linked to mental health.

Our elemental nature, based on DNA, makes it essential for us to acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses and live our lives accordingly. When we become disconnected with our DNA, it creates ripples in the natural flow of the Universe. I find it interesting that most of these alchemical ties are each culture’s greatest strength as well as weakness. When there is a disconnect from spirituality, nature, logic/reason, and emotion respectively, problems arise. As above, so below.


  1. I want to tell you that I am just newbie to blogging and love your site. It’s really inspiring me to think about things differently. You actually have incredible stories. Thanks for being transparent and sharing with us.

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