Divine Feminine Alchemy

Being Rich vs. Being Wealthy

It seems like everybody wants to win the lottery. They think “…give me a couple million and all my problems will disappear.” While that’ll never happen, very few people find success without making a change.

There is an energy behind what we perceive as “currency.” It perturbs & scrambles the energy spiritual people. We develop limiting beliefs about our ability to obtain money and resources. This paper currency keeps us enslaved in capitalism. It is NOT capitalism itself.

As a result, the government can use a fiat currency and get away with it. There’s nothing backing it that the rest of the world values (ie. gold).

Money is being printed by the same entity that controls our resources. As a result, we work to earn money. Then it seems like we buy back food, water, medicine, etc. the land provided. We never agreed to this system. At the same time, we live in our own beliefs. Few people overcome them.

Consequently, we should learn to work with this energy rather than resist it. Many of the social practices that take place are backed by astrology and sorcery. The cotton/paper bills we use are not what we’ve been resisting. We feed the dark side of this energy with our emotions everyday. At the same time we resist working with it so we don’t make progress out of it.

Our emotions are the most valuable currency on the planet and the people who control societies know that. Heck, even celebrities know how to consume and transmute energy to advance their agenda.

What we resist, we give power to. This will be a future video… Ultimately, being rich is VERY different than being wealthy. We have to shift toward a sustainable change in our ideas about money. That will improve our ability to attract it.

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