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Overcoming Spiritual Loneliness

I recently made a video about a common question I get on Facebook. “How do I overcome spiritual loneliness?” Some women have also said they were “depressed, hopeless, and apathetic.” These sentiments are common for prisoners and businesspeople that work 80+ hours a week. The feeling of going through this journey alone is so common as we turn back to nature. The Matrix is set up to make it incredibly difficult because we are forced to participate in capitalism. This feeling of loneliness is an illusion, however, especially for someone on the spiritual path.

In the Divine Feminine Alchemy Facebook Group, we share stories offering comfort & guidance, and there are always so many women who have gone through something similar. Our physically different journeys feel the same, energetically.

Tip #1 Follow your Inner Guide

Do not allow yourself to respond to petty annoyances of the Matrix. Paying taxes, getting licenses, purchasing items, and having to go to work are necessary evils. It is what it is. To send any thoughts or energies toward these annoyances will only allow them to become more intense. We must focus on what’s working, what we desire, who we want to be, and how we want to live to the point of delusion. We all have an inner guidance system equipped with higher faculties like creativity, intuition, and will power. Do not let the illusions of feeling or reacting get you off the path. “You will free yourself when you learn to be neutral and follow the instructions of your heart without letting things perturb you. This is the way of Maat.” ~ Ancient Egyptian Proverb. Your inner guide is the most important teacher there is. Always look inward.

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Tip #2 Be Discerning

Don’t compare yourself to what seems to be a reality for others. The ancients teach that both joy and misery are inevitable. Nothing is as it seems. Everyone is going through some difficulty equal to yours in their illusion of reality. No single teacher should have all the answers, and if they tell you that, run! Your journey is unique to you, and only your soul knows what is best for you. We have to be discerning with the information we receive to avoid distractions from our path.

After a series of symbolic events, I went to my friend’s house who is a psychic. I wasn’t there for a reading and hadn’t shared my experiences, but she insisted there was a message I needed to hear. She ‘spoke’ to her guides and saw an Egyptian Pharaoh standing near me with a very powerful energy that was almost overwhelming. At the time I was experiencing a ton of sleep paralysis, beetles trying to mate with me, and I couldn’t focus on anything but gaining more esoteric knowledge. A woman I met on Offer Up drove an hour to give me a book on Ancient Egypt because she felt divine inspiration, and I began feeling a throbbing sensation in the back of my elongated skull (yes my head is naturally shaped like the Annunaki hybrids lol). She interpreted this as the Pharaoh trying to possess me, told me I had soul contracts, and the Pharaoh had been manipulating me my entire life. Out of fear I gave away all my crystals and went on a man-hunt for a shaman.

When I couldn’t find one, I signed up for a semester of Sevan Bomar’s Innerversity. He teaches the science and metaphysics behind creating our realities, and teaches that we are our ancestors, and we are God. Per Universal Law, our thoughts become dense when we focus on them, send them energy, do not share, or disperse them. We create our reality by devoting our attention. Around that time I also was researching Bill Cooper (Behold A Pale Horse). Through these other sources, I discovered that psychics could be manipulated. Their gifts can be used against them to “see” untruths. This specific psychic had renounced her Native American & African DNA and worshiped Western deities like Arc Angel Michael and Christ. My truth has come from several different sources. My discernment has been my greatest ally.

Tip #3 Monitor your media intake

bad momsWe’ve been programmed to consistently chase after what we don’t have and underappreciate what we do have, even if it took a lot of effort and sacrifice to get it. Western doctors will tell you it’s human nature, but that’s not exactly true. Earth is a school and Consciousness is here experiencing itself in many forms simultaneously. Our lives are not necessarily better or worse when driving Lamborghinis or living in an off-grid commune. Growing up in the Himba Tribe, or shopping for lingerie in France. These are just perspectives. Western programming creates the illusion that spending money is what makes us happy because it makes large corporations richer. However, there is no “American Dream” or standard experience that results in joy. Emotions are an illusion, and we’re trained to use them against ourselves. This is why it’s important to turn down the volume on commercials, stop watching shows that aren’t upgrading your DNA, ignore the Kardashians, and trade spending time on the phone with spending time in nature.

Tip #4 Practice daily gratitude for Self-Reliance

Every day I wake up and write a list of what I’m grateful for and why. Just like wealth, poverty is a mindset that has to be reinforced daily. I can say that most of the poor people I know complain at least 75% of their day. They give a lot, but they have trouble receiving. They’re also very dependent on their relatives, credit cards, and government aid. We’ve been heavily programmed to externalize our power. I know people that tithe 10% and then get their electricity cut off. Self-worship is one of the most important daily tasks. I don’t mean making offerings to yourself or using ego to put yourself on a pedestal. I mean acknowledging your self-reliance, and how much you’ve accomplished on your spiritual journey BY YOURSELF.

Tip #5 Focus on what’s good about your relationships

So many of us experience polarity wigratitudethin relationships that used to be peaceful. Our relatives seem to get dumber and more ignorant as time passes. We experience re-sensitization to things like blood, violence, and injustice while our families are still watching reality tv and fighting over the last piece of chicken. When we can’t communicate with anyone from our past, the standard emotional response is to feel alone. It seems important to have a go-to person who understands where you’re coming from and what you’re going through. Especially to keep you from following the wrong teacher. However, we end up on these paths by following our inner guide, not our environment. It’s like arriving at a far away destination and expecting your mom to guide you even though she’s never left the Midwest. She doesn’t speak the language, or understand the culture… this is where Self-Reliance comes in.

We have to guide ourselves, and new teachers will come along the way. The idea of spiritual co-dependence is part of the illusion of separatism ingrained into Western psychology. When we’re talking to another person, we’re just listening to ourselves talk and learning about our ability to communicate. Heck, the English language is missing half of the syllables or sounds the ancients had which are necessary for complete communication. Rather than focusing on what’s frustrating, what your relatives don’t understand, or what they did that screwed you up, we have to train ourselves to focus on the similarities. The ancients teach us never to look for ourselves in the world; we must focus on the world within ourselves. Never project our opinions onto others but rather try to see that we would do the same thing if we were in their shoes. This is how we harmonize with our friends & family.

If you watched this video, you are likely going through an expansion of consciousness. On this path with so many twists and turns, it can seem crucial to have someone in your corner who understands you at a deeper level. This video addresses How to Overcome Spiritual Loneliness, and how we’re less alone than ever as we expand our Knowledge of Self. So many of us experience polarity within relationships that used to be peaceful. We miss what we once had, and long for what never was. We forget to live in the moment because we’re always thinking of how much better it could be rather than being grateful for what is.

Ignorance is bliss for the weak, but once you begin the journey of Consciousness, there is no going back. When someone asks “How Do I Overcome Spiritual Loneliness?”…I tell them “every problem is a problem of Consciousness” (Ancient Egyptian Proverb). A spiritual awakening is the best roller coaster you’ll ever ride. Remember to pay attention to the subtleties. This video addresses Overcoming Spiritual Loneliness, and how we’re less alone than ever on the spiritual path.

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  1. a lot, because I am not much of a football (or sports) fan! I didn’t enjoy high school nearly as much as I enjoyed college (except for drama club, which I adored), so I can relate to all you said about the awkwardness of high school.

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