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Entrepreneurship vs. The Matrix

Why Entrepreneurship is Important

The Matrix and Entrepreneurship both have their ups and downs. Neither is completely joy-filled or completely miserable.

When referring to The Matrix, I’m talking about social norms, constructs, and mind-clouds (organized beliefs held by a large group of people).

When referring to Entrpreneurship, I’m talking about finding your own way, blazing your own trail, and marching to the beat of your own drum.

It is far easier to follow the path laid before you, the Known is the natural path of the DNA. From an evolutionary perspective, you are only doing what you feel is best for the survival of your DNA. For that reason, I respect those who have chosen this path.

For every successful entrepreneur, there are thousands of starving artists, con-artists, criminals, and multi-level marketers. Sorry if that offends you, but I do not believe pyramid schemes reflect the energy of true entrepreneurship. However, it is possible to join one and develop the energy pattern of entrepreneurship, so this is not a finite diagnosis.

Entrepreneurship at its core involves developing a connection with Source or God-consciousness and producing a sellable product or service which others find valuable. It is creation, and if you are not creating something, you are not embodying the essence of entrepreneurship. For this reason, I respect those who have chosen the path of self-actualization through entrepreneruship.

Neville Goddard said it best, working a job is awkward.

The implication here is that if you work a job that you hate, for the sole purpose of making money, you are doing something that is awkward to your soul.

Why Entrepreneurship Is Nothing Special

Entrepreneurship relies on Universal Law, as does everything on this physical plane. If you have acted on intuition and imagination to create something that brings value to others, you are an entrepreneur – even if you still work for someone else, and it’s only a side gig.

It’s not some great achievement, its only natural to the God within you to create something unique and meaningful for the world.

We are all meant to be entrepreneurs. However, social conditioning and subconscious biases may lead you to believe you’re not cut out for the task. And this is completely understandable. Most people have no clue who they are, or what would make them happy.

They pray for wealth, and never receive it – not because they aren’t worthy – but because they have nothing meaningful to do with wealth. It would be nice to have a big house and financial freedom, but the Universe is looking back at you asking “is it necessary though?

Do you believe you deserve it?

Your internal feeling on the matter is the answer as to why you will or will not receive that which you desire.

This is the nature of the Universe. The objective is to learn how this plane works, and apply that learning to achieve what you want.

Per the Law of Magnetism, if you want something it also wants you.

Think about this, out of the countless opportunities, houses, languages, values, and experiences – you would only be drawn to something that is also drawn to you.

Of course, there are biases at play and your life experiences may lead you to believe something is for you that’s actually not for you at all.

You must develop the ability to differentiate between the two.

Entrepreneurship vs. The Matrix

We cannot just remain poor spiritual people and run away from the idea of making money.

I see way too many people feeling guilty or unworthy when it comes to wealth. They think that if they make money, someone else has to lose it. But that’s simply not the case. Heck, the Federal Reserve prints money!

It’s just that if you think of the Universe as a loving parent, it won’t give you too much to handle.

  • It wants you to earn it so that you feel you deserve it.
  • The Universe wants you to do something you love to get it so that you never lose your passion for it.
  • It wants you to enjoy the richness of life, so you must know what you’re going to do with the money.
  • And it wants you to learn through trials & tribulations so that you will appreciate, expand, and multiply your wealth instead of squandering it.

For this reason, we must remain equanimous and open-hearted on the journey to financial freedom.

Why We Need You To Shine

Never ever quit.

The world needs your unique gifts and talents more than you could ever imagine. Your unique contribution to the planet will only be visible in hindsight. If you fail or lose something, it’s a good sign. That means that you’ve learned a little more about what is right for you because you have experienced what is not right.

No failure or rejection should be taken to heart.

Being broke is temporary while being poor is a mindset. Never accept this mindset.

We have to get in touch with our Divine Feminine Energy and become more creative to find ways to make more money, rather than working for someone else out of fear. I see jobs as either the ‘lazy way out’ or a temporary means to provide comfortable living as you learn who you truly are.

When we really appreciate the perspective of the “observer” (the true Self) – we see that this world is our playing field, and anything we could ever desire is already within reach.

Per the Principle of Correspondence (7 Axioms of Tehuti), capitalism is something we must use to expand our consciousness, not limit ourselves.

Socialism is the antithesis of creation, and it is not going to lead to happiness and fulfillment. Lacking motivation, and looking for handouts is a disease of consciousness. It is the result of fear and lack, and non-expansive. We MUST learn to balance ourselves and overcome this illusion.

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