Divine Feminine Alchemy

Entrepreneurship vs. The Matrix

The Matrix and entrepreneurship both have their ups and downs. Neither is completely joy-filled or completely miserable. This is the nature of the Universe. We must remain equanimous through it all to really appreciate the perspective of the “observer” (the true Self). Per the Principle of Correspondence (7 Axioms of Tehuti), capitalism is something we must overcome. There is an energy behind it we are collectively resisting. We MUST learn to balance ourselves and overcome this illusion.

Entrepreneurship vs. The Matrix

We cannot just remain poor spiritual people and run away from the idea of making money. We have to get in touch with our Divine Feminine and become more creative to find ways to make more money, rather than working for someone who has already conquered capitalism. I see jobs as either the ‘lazy way out’ or a temporary solution, as they generally restrict our creativity & earning potential. In this video I’ll give you through the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, and explain why I feel it may be a better option than working for a corporation if you’re not working in a career you love.

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