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Energy Oracle Cards: Caring Connections

In the Energy Oracle Card Series, we’re breaking down the metaphysical meaning behind each card and its unique effect on the 3D world in which we live. We have meditated with each card to discern its meaning and interpretation from the Divine Feminine Perspective. Feel free to comment below if our interpretation resonates with you.

In an attempt to pull further guidance from Spirit on the specifics behind each card, join us in exploring future potential directions in your life, relationships, and passions. Grab your deck here, and let’s begin.


Friendship, Partnership or Two, Possible Love



The Visuals

You’ll see a couple embracing each other depicted on the front of this card.

Notice the male and female images on the front of the card. These are clear representations of the masculine and feminine energies, and their respective focus on the 3D world. The masculine is holding the feminine in a protective embrace. While the feminine is gazing upon a beautiful flower.

The sun is shining in the background, and we can conclude that this represents a happy and energetically balanced relationship dynamic.

The Meaning

This card is telling us that a new – or renewed – connection will bring love into our lives.

In other words, this may come if the form of new love (or renewed love), new friendship, or a new business relationship. A caring connection that’s based in love and light is making its way into your life.

Further Interpretation

The Universe is desiring to give you a new perspective on love, both with you and within you.

Be open-minded about receiving love and open your heart to all the potentials of that new love, as it is going to teach you something very important about yourself.

Sometimes we pull cards for connection, while at other times, we pull cards for isolation. Both energy dynamics can be beneficial and destructive in context. It’s up to you to discern the difference and follow your intuition.

Now is not the time to be a hermit, and stick to what’s routine and comfortable. In a metaphysical sense, new caring connections are about sharing love – and experiencing love as a reflection from another.


This card in reverse tells you that you are missing the connections around you.

This card is about love, but love comes in many forms. Have you denied assistance? Or neglected your spouse’s needs in some way?

Your heart might be closed, which means that you’re not only irreceptive to love, but you also may not be feeling loved by those around you.

People are willing to assist you if you let them. If you fear love, guidance, or support there may be an underlying shadow-self or internal critic at play. You are never alone because you are the entire Universe. The world is a stage, and each person is playing their part.

Whatever you feel inside will be expressed and projected on the external screen of space. In other words, your life will mirror how you truly think and feel about yourself and the people in your life, whether good or bad.

The Universe is neutral, and the Laws of Cause and Effect keep your results in balance with your perceptions.

It’s up to you to be real with yourself and accept the consequences of allowing or disallowing love to flow into your life.


Guidebook Meaning – Summarized


This card signals the beginning or deepening of a relationship.

A partnership is a sort of union or merging of two separate energies to create a new collective energy dynamic.

Life is going to present a new relationship or ‘connection’ and if this card is upright you’re in alignment to welcome this into your life.

These connections may be intimate, but they may also be platonic.


This card reveals turbulence in communication.

Whether in business, at work, or in a romantic relationship – you’re on the path to experiencing a turbulent relationship dynamic when this card is reversed.

Remaining conscious in your communication with those around you will lessen the chances of falling into a negative energy cycle. In these cycles, it becomes very difficult to see things clearly. We tend to defend ourselves and over time this kind of repetitive hostility can corrode a beautiful relationship between two friends or lovers.

Consider this, the compulsive need to be right and prove another person wrong prevents growth.

How does it do that?

It doesn’t allow you to learn much about the other person’s perspective. Because really, communication is about sharing. You can’t share without being flexible, or at least willing to see the other person’s point of view.

Further, hostility in communication is going to make the next conversation even tenser and the other person is likely to maintain the same perspective, but with more hostility.

Thus, the communication will remain at a standstill until you can look inside yourself and discern what’s true from what’s emotionally triggering. In most cases, two people cannot agree because they focus on the validation of their own point of view – rather than understanding each other.

You should deal with the emotions attached to this relationship but also remember that bigger and better things are coming to you. Be open to a new beginning, and allow yourself to surrender any unwillingness to let things be as they are.

**The descriptions from the guidebook are copywritten and Sandra Anne Taylor’s original descriptions have been summarized here instead.**

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