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Energy Oracle Cards: Appreciation

In the Energy Oracle Card Series, we’re breaking down the metaphysical meaning behind each card and its unique effect on the 3D world in which we live. We have meditated with each card to discern its meaning and interpretation from the Divine Feminine Perspective. Feel free to comment below if our interpretation resonates with you.

In an attempt to pull further guidance from Spirit on the specifics behind each card, join us in exploring future potential directions in your life, relationships, and passions. Grab your deck here, and let’s begin.


Choosing Gratitude

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The Visuals

This card shows a woman holding a beautiful rose in one hand and a handkerchief in the other.

She appears to be royalty, and yet, there is a field of dying brown flowers that surrounds her. In the distance, however, you’ll see bushes of flowers blooming with a mist covering the far distance (implying that there are far more flowers that lay just beyond her sight.)

The Meaning

This card is about choosing to focus on a single rose when everything around you appears to be dead.

The woman is standing between a prickly bush and a blossoming bush. She is choosing to focus on the flowers and not the thorns. This signifies that you are focusing on the good in your life. Looking at life through the lens of gratitude for all that you have, and are will attract more to be grateful for.



This card in reverse is telling you that you’re focusing on the thorns rather than the roses in your life.

You may be missing important opportunities, or even passing up on things because you see them through a negative lens.

You’re caught up in negative thinking and self-critical thinking, which will only bring more of the same kind of energy.

However, rest assure the difficulties in your life – no matter how overwhelming they seem – are no greater than the blessings that you could be grateful for.

Being caught in a toxic energy cycle is often more painful than the events you believe led to this cycle. I was caught in a cycle for many years with my husband where I was focusing (no obsessing) over all the women that caught his attention. From friends to more complicated relationships, I spent more time comparing myself to these women and thereby lessening his attraction to me and corroding our relationship.

It was so painful to face the fact that a decent man would attract decent women, and that I couldn’t do anything about that.

Turning a blind eye to the good in your life will always attract more of the energy you focus on, in this case, more pain, suffering, and problems. Eventually, you may forget the initial thorn that captured your attention. You might look at current problems as isolated events when the source of those problems happened long ago, and you’ve been caught in a negative manifestation cycle.

The best medicine for an undesirable situation is complete surrender and maintaining an attitude of gratitude. You may feel under-appreciated, or even taken advantage of, but this card in reverse is telling you to shift your focus and you will see an incredible turn of events in your life.

Guidebook Meaning – Summarized


The woman on this card is holding a rose, completely unphased by the dying thorn bushes around her.

The sun shines in the backdrop, reassuring her that spring is just around the corner. In the distance, there is a rose bush in full bloom.

This card is telling us that there is always something to be grateful for and that your life is about to be in full bloom.

It’s very clear, however, that there will always be thorns. There will always be pain that you can focus on, and expand in your life. But choosing gratitude has the same expansion effect. Choosing to focus on the beauty and abundance of opportunity that surrounds you will also expand in direct proportion to your thoughts.

Changing your attitude to one of appreciation and gratitude is having a conscious effect on life, and taking back your power from external circumstances.


In reverse, this card is telling us that you have been missing the point of your struggles.

You have been focusing on the negative side of things, rather than appreciation and gratitude for the lessons you’ve learned.

Focusing on all the things you don’t have leads to further negative spiraling, lack, and corrosion of all that is good in your life.

Instead, consider having gratitude for the challenges you’re facing and there will be a major shift.

We can look at examples throughout history, whether mythological or factual, and we see that great spiritual teachers maintained an attitude of gratitude despite their external circumstances.

More Examples

Examples like Jesus, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, and even Gandhi were experts at keeping their heads above water.

If you allow yourself to remain in a negative cycle, you’ll eventually notice a compulsion to continue on the same trajectory. This has a compounding effect and tends to take on a life of its own.

Eventually, you may not even realize when you’re under compulsive negative thinking. You may even think that the negativity IS you.

Rather, consider this way of thinking an independently operating entity that has been controlling you as a result of your neglect to accept circumstances as they are and lack of appreciation for the value derived from those lessons.

Let go of the negative focus, and welcome more appreciation into your daily attitudes about the dynamics of your life.

**The descriptions from the guidebook are copywritten and Sandra Anne Taylor’s original descriptions have been summarized here instead.**

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