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DIY Ouija Board & How to use it (Safely)

Forget paying $70 for your Ouija board, if you’re bold enough, you can make your own Ouija Board at home.

It will WORK, however, there are a few things you should keep in mind before embarking on this endeavor.

First, your energy matters. From the materials you select, to the mindset you’re in while making the board WILL affect what kinds of experiences your board attracts. Your intentions while designing the board, as well as your thoughts and feelings while using will all make a significant difference in your experience.

So let’s get into this…

Here’s what you need:

  • Cardboard, cut into a rectangle
  • Extra cardboard (or thin wood), for the planchette
  • A permanent marker
  • Something to stabilize the board (I used door stopper stickies)
  • Candles
  • A black or silk material to wrap your board after the session ends
  • Sage to smudge the room & board, before and after using it
  • Palo santo sticks, optional

Designing Your Board

Cute a rectangle, larger is better. Then cut out a planchette and set that aside.

My first board was pretty small (about a foot wide and 9 inches tall). It was tough to use once the energy started coming in.

For the board design, I just googled “Ouija Board” and tried to copy the board the best I could. First with a pencil, and then traced over that with a permanent marker. Aim for symmetry.

Make sure to include the:

  • the heading “Ouija”
  • sun & the word “yes”
  • moon & the word “no”
  • the alphabet, A to M (13 letters arched across the board)
  • the second row, N to Z
  • the numbers 1 through 9, and 0 at the end
  • the words “good bye”

Prepping to Play

Let me tell you, this thing may be playful, but this is not a game.

It may be made of cardboard, but you will be inviting strong energy into your home – one that is not bound by time or space.

When you use it the right way, it may help you answer deep questions, speak with your spiritual guides, talk with a deceased love one, or you might even find yourself joking with a playful spirit. (That was the case with my DIY board.)

But make sure you’re using your board properly and you have set clear boundaries when it comes to what you will allow and what you won’t tolerate.

Playing the Ouija

I recommend playing with at least two people. Think of each other as accountability partners. It’s easy to let things go too far when playing alone, so I like to do it in pairs. However, having too many people in the session can interfere with making contact. The energy should come in VERY subtly, and one of the players might feel slight tingling sensations, almost as if your arm fell asleep. But you should still have full control over it and be able to take command at will.

Also make sure everyone playing is FEARLESS and has set their own internal intentions for what they will and will not allow to happen during the session.

#1 Light a couple of candles, I used green and white 7-day candles I purchased at the local grocery store.

#2 Turn off any lights or noise in the background.

#3 Bless the space – this step is crucial. I just say a prayer for “only that which is of the highest and greatest good” to come into your space. Also set personal intentions within yourself, ie say “you are allowed to use my arm up to my shoulder, but nothing more.”

#4 Then, mentally & imaginatively open yourself up to the energy that wants to come in.

#5 Now it’s time to wait. It can take anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes to make contact.

#6 Enjoy!

Things to Keep in Mind

If you start to feel ill or “stuck” (similar to sleep paralysis), or anything abrupt or forceful, end the session.

Anything more than subtle sensations and tingling are not a good sign, and the last thing you want is to become fearful.

Some entities feed off of your fear, and may begin to take advantage of that fear. Just like a random person on the street might have good or bad intentions, spirits are no different. If you do come in contact with a negative energy, don’t fight or curse it. Instead, send it away with love and thank it for taking the time to connect.

MAKE IT CLEAR that you no longer need the energy in your presence and that you desire for it to leace, but do it respectfully. There’s no need to freak out unless you want the spirit to freak out back at you!

You might also experience multiple spirits desiring to make contact, which can be overwhelming.

If the energy is being uncooperative, just give it a break, reset your boundaries, and try again later. Do not rush or become forceful, because when you’re playing the Ouija, you are playing with Universal Law – the energy you put out WILL come back to you.

My DIY Board

My first time, the energy was too strong for me, so I had to pull my fingers off the board.

It took about 20 minutes to make contact, but we felt the energy trying to come in within about 10 minutes.

Luckily, I was playing with my hubby and he continued to work with the planchette while I asked questions and recorded. The spirit we came in contact with told us that he (it was clearly a masculine energy) was a hawk, from 7272 BC, and his name was “Eight.” Then he told us his name was “Divise” and he plays with our dog sometimes. This wasn’t surprising because she plays chase and wags her tail at the wall sometimes when no one is around. LOL

He told us  he wanted to play with us again in the future, and respected when we asked to say good bye. However, he did say good bye 4 times (like I said, VERY playful spirit). We found it hilarious and spent about an hour playing before we ended the session.

We didn’t really get any specific or helpful answers from him, but it was a great first experience and I plan to do it again.

  • Interesting Note: My hubby actually looked away from the board as it spelled things, which I thought was really cool.

I think looking at the board can interfere with the transmission, especially when it’s your first time and you’re excited about the unfamiliar sensations in your body.

After You Play

This is also crucial.

Once the spirit says “good bye” you can turn on the lights and blow out the candles. Sage the room, the board, the players arms, and anything else you feel was influenced by the energy. To be extra safe, hold a pendulum over the board and it should not spin.

Wrap the board in black fabric, or silk, and put it away for later.

If you want to try making your own Ouija board, I recommend doing it. It is definitely a life-changing experience for sure. You don’t need any fancy material, just cardboard, and NERVE. I was raised to fear the Ouija, but now that I’ve seen it first hand, its one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had.

ALSO, if you can’t make contact…

Make sure you still end your session with sage & remember to wrap your board.

The energy is subtle so most likely, you’ve made contact, and are either resisting or need to strengthen your third eye.

To improve your ability to connect with the spirit world, try meditating for 15 minutes before your session. Quiet your mind with the intention of letting the energy flow through you. It might take some time to adjust to the subtleness of it all, but trust me, it will eventually work.

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