Divine Feminine Alchemy

How to Channel Ancestral Energy

In a modern world, where we are torn between “tradition” and more traditional forms of spirituality, it’s hard to decipher between the two.

In order to do so we must stay in touch with your intuition, through meditation, yoga, and other practices that quiet the mind.

Our intuition is our inherent ability to know something without any previous experience or analytical thinking. You don’t have to use reasoning to have a strong intuition, and you don’t have to look at the facts to discern an intuitive feeling.

You’ll simply feel into what path you should take, what you’re missing, what’s unseen by the human eyes.

Your higher faculties like intuition are far more important than sight, sound, or smell.

They are your guides in this life and thereafter, and they should be cultivated in this lifetime.

That said, let’s take a deeper look at the reasons why we feel disconnected from Divine Flow and how to channel ancestral energy to change that.

The Point of Disconnect

The technological era has made for some incredible opportunities and individually advantageous time to be alive.

However, we have a great sense of separation. We walk through the grocery store with headphones to avoid communication, we may avoid calling friends and family opting to text them instead, and we even look to pharmaceuticals to treat symptoms instead of looking to nature to treat the root of the problem.

We’ve been desensitized by the media so that we don’t differentiate true suffering from special effects. Heck, we look into the mirror and don’t recognize the person we see staring back at us. This is a fundamental problem. And the only fix is to get back to the basics.

Reason #1: Technology & Distractions

The first reason we tend to feel so alone is because of technology.

Artificial intelligence has, in many ways, removed the necessity of genuine intelligence. Long gone are the days of heading to the public library to dig through encyclopedias in search of a piece of information, a quick Google search will tell you everything you want to learn. And you can look up just about anything in any language.

Makes you wonder how much information is actually retained when it’s so easy to look up facts and figures…

Rather than using physical maps where you stop to aska stranger for directions, we have Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze. These algorithms can deliver us to our destination with pinpoint accuracy, and reduce the need for human interaction.

Battery operated cars, online shopping, and fast-food have further le3ssened the degree of human interaction we experience in a single day. And technology is advancing by the day.

Reason #2: Lack of Trust

Modern-day, especially in the West, there is no sense of belonging.

We can see this with the racial, political, and religious division depicted in the media.

Tribal loyalty or anything of the sort is out of the window at this point. Sure on a small scale, you may have a close-knit family or a few reliable friends, but Eastern cultures have centuries of spiritual, dietary, and national values.

These values are upheld from generation to generation, and there’s no denying the sensation of oneness. The “us vs. them” nuances are very apparent when you travel to these countries. This is what it means to have a tribe.

Today, in the US we have a language that’s borrowed from England, religious customs that are borrowed from old Europe and North Africa, sect division across all major theologies and philosophies, and the biggest elephant in the room: our history of slavery.

Reason #3: Fixation on Slavery

Slavery was a savage, inhumane time in our history.

It’s also why we get to experience such status and privilege modern day.

As painful as it sounds, if we’re going to take advantage of all that’s available today – we have to let it go.

To make a counter-argument, however, we are our ancestors.

In a multi-dimensional sense, time does not exist. Thus, your slave ancestors are living in your DNA right now. All of their strengths, weakness, beliefs, habits, tendencies, dietary preferences and subconscious programs are coded into your DNA. They are ready to be triggered.

Just like a baby doesn’t know how to talk, but the brain is very malleable, and the child learns very quickly without resistance. So do we when it comes to habits and beliefs of our DNA. This doesn’t mean we’re always going to express the past experiences of our DNA, but it means we are wired without resistance to it.

Thus, black people modern-day have more freedom and opportunity than any other people of African descent anytime in history, especially in the West.

Yet, we’re still living out the mindsets and limitations of slaves.

Channeling Your Ancestors

Bridging the gap between the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind is a simple task.

But it’s not easy.


First, you must love yourself. Your past self, present self, and the Self that has yet to manifest into physicality.

If you cannot appreciate every aspect of you, including faults, you will not be given access to your ancestral line.

This is because our ancestors are former versions of ourselves. They may have expressed similar traits in completely different ways, and yet they were perfectly imperfect, as you are also.


Secondly, you must quiet the mind.

A loud mind can hear nothing but it’s own thoughts.


Third, you must learn to embrace loneliness, and solitude as we are all perpetually alone.

One singular consciousness expressing itself in numberless ways since time immemorial.

It can be challenging to decipher between instinct and reason.

In solitude, the two become very distinct. This doesn’t mean you have to go off and become a monk. It just means that you must quiet all your judgments, projections, and assumptions of others. Stop looking to understand people’s intentions and simply observe life for exactly what it is.


Finally, be open to communication from other realms. This will manifest uniquely for every person. Some people will learn to astral project, others will develop psychic powers, others will be able to interact with the paranormal during waking life. It doesn’t really matter how it manifests, as your higher faculties will be your guides.

Always look within when torn between many different spiritual alternatives.

Your ancestors have made a Sankara, or permanent impression on the planet. It’s something like a telluric grid, explaining why you may travel somewhere you’ve never been and feel at home. When speaking of the DNA, we are not speaking about the consciousness that animated your father, or grandmother. That being is the neutral observer of all life and the various interaction son Earth.

Rather, we’re referring to the living organism that took on characteristics, preferences, recorded memories, and directly experienced life.

Keeping this differentiation in mind, we are able to connect with our ancestors, and ultimately learn more about ourselves through the process.

Your ancestors, as a whole, have done much more than you ever will as a singular being. They’ve given you a beautiful gift in the form of DNA, so use it to your advantage while here on Earth. It’s something like an archaic record of your DNA and tells a detailed story of how you survived the odds. As other life forms went extinct, you developed and adapted to get to where you are today.

Remember, if you’ve ever lost a loved one – even if you didn’t know them, then you’ve got friends on the other side.


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