Divine Feminine Alchemy

The Matrix

Being Rich vs. Being Wealthy

Being Rich vs. Being Wealthy It seems like everybody wants to win the lottery. They think “…give me a couple million and all my problems will disappear.” While that’ll never happen, very few people find success without making a change. There is an energy behind what we perceive as “currency.” It perturbs[…]

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Identifying the “Self” vs. Programming

In the Divine Feminine Alchemy Facebook Group, we talk about how everyone is operating programs 24/7 and how we begin to become aware of them during a Spiritual Awakening.  Just like we aren’t consciously aware of our breathing or heartbeat – we’re also not aware of our thoughts and emotions.[…]

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Entrepreneurship vs. The Matrix

The Matrix and entrepreneurship both have their ups and downs. Neither is completely joy-filled or completely miserable. This is the nature of the Universe. We must remain equanimous through it all to really appreciate the perspective of the “observer” (the true Self). Per the Principle of Correspondence (7 Axioms of[…]

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