Divine Feminine Alchemy


How to Channel Ancestral Energy

In a modern world, where we are torn between “tradition” and more traditional forms of spirituality, it’s hard to decipher between the two. In order to do so we must stay in touch with your intuition, through meditation, yoga, and other practices that quiet the mind. Our intuition is our[…]

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Virtue & The Problem with Virtue Ethics

The Problem with Virtuous People A quick Google search for “morality quotes” will bring up more than 33 Million results. This gives us a peek at the perceived level of immorality in our modern world. My mother-in-law always says that people are flawed. She’s a devout Christian that actually goes[…]

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The Alchemy of DNA

I was listening to a lecture on Astrology the other day and the teacher mentioned a VERY interesting concept. She said there is a sort of Alchemy to our DNA. The culture we are born into and how we see ourselves in the cycles of the Earth is tied to[…]

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Overcoming Spiritual Loneliness

I recently made a video about a common question I get on Facebook. “How do I overcome spiritual loneliness?” Some women have also said they were “depressed, hopeless, and apathetic.” These sentiments are common for prisoners and businesspeople that work 80+ hours a week. The feeling of going through this[…]

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