Divine Feminine Alchemy

Modern Woman

7 Characteristics of Feminine Energy

The Divine Feminine Energy displays itself in many forms, across many species. There are 7 characteristics of feminine energy I’d like to address in particular. The first is creativity. 1) Creativity The Divine Feminine is the creative force that brings all things into existence. The best place to see this[…]

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Virtue & The Problem with Virtue Ethics

The Problem with Virtuous People A quick Google search for “morality quotes” will bring up more than 33 Million results. This gives us a peek at the perceived level of immorality in our modern world. My mother-in-law always says that people are flawed. She’s a devout Christian that actually goes[…]

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3 Tips on How To Be More Feminine

Women, especially teenage girls, feel pressure from society. We always think about being more feminine. We live under a magnifying glass. They tell us to act pretty and be passive. To be seen and not heard. We are objectified, subjugated, and manipulated on a daily basis. Men learn that women are inferior servants. Women[…]

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How To Be Feminine

So much info is out there attempting to teach us how to be feminine. But most of these sources are dealing with the five physical senses and the sensory world exclusively. Femininity comes from within. I prefer to go way back in ancient history and study their methods for getting[…]

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Overcoming Spiritual Loneliness

I recently made a video about a common question I get on Facebook. “How do I overcome spiritual loneliness?” Some women have also said they were “depressed, hopeless, and apathetic.” These sentiments are common for prisoners and businesspeople that work 80+ hours a week. The feeling of going through this[…]

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