Divine Feminine Alchemy

Know Thyself


In Ancient Khemet, (Egypt) above the entrance of each temple, specifically, those serving as an academic or scientific school, appeared the phrase:

“Man Know Thyself.”

Students are reminded that as they enter the temple, they are entering as God. In other words, to Know Thyself is to Know God.

What does it mean to Know Thyself?

Thyself is not referring to the ego or any physical or social construct. No gender, no race, no religion, no –thing. It’s referring to the awareness of existence and the perceiver of all that is without judgment.

God is the only true self, and we are all individual expressions of a greater Oneness, expressing itself or ourselves through an infinite number of potentials.

You’ll notice on our welcome page, one of the rules is no externalization of power or responsibility. It is our intention that this community is not only a place for growth and expansion but also a mirror of the soul. To Know Thyself is the only task at hand. If you know who you truly are, there is nothing beyond your reach.


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