Divine Feminine Alchemy

Energy Dynamics


Both science and occult teachings agree that there is something non-physical and intangible at work all around us and within us.

Religious leaders will call this God or Source, Scientists will call it Energy… whatever feels most comfortable to you, but there is no denying the presence of this force. You too are a part of this life force that animates, perceives, and reflects.

Understanding the Complex Energy Around You

We live in a Universe that operates on basic laws. Understanding these laws will give you the Master Key to mental alchemy on this 3D plane.

The Kybalion describes the process of “Mental Alchemy” – or self-transformation through the transmutation of energy on the Mental Plane.

If you’re not familiar with the Kybalion, it’s a compilation of Hermetic teachings that explain the inner workings behind everything in existence. Understanding these concepts, universal laws, and esoteric teachings are, in essence, the work of a Magician or Alchemist.

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How to Channel Ancestral Energy

In a modern world, where we are torn between “tradition” and more traditional forms of spirituality, it’s hard to decipher between the two. In order to do so we must stay in touch with your intuition, through meditation, yoga, and other practices that quiet the mind. Our intuition is our[…]

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