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NASA scientists have found a parallel universe!

Here’s What Happened NASA scientists have detected evidence of a parallel universe, right next to ours, where all the rules of physics seem to be operating in reverse. In a report by the Daily Star, a cosmic ray detection experiment conducted by several Nasa scientists found particles that might be[…]

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DIY Ouija Board & How to use it (Safely)

Forget paying $70 for your Ouija board, if you’re bold enough, you can make your own Ouija Board at home. It will WORK, however, there are a few things you should keep in mind before embarking on this endeavor. First, your energy matters. From the materials you select, to the[…]

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Entrepreneurship vs. The Matrix

Why Entrepreneurship is Important The Matrix and Entrepreneurship both have their ups and downs. Neither is completely joy-filled or completely miserable. When referring to The Matrix, I’m talking about social norms, constructs, and mind-clouds (organized beliefs held by a large group of people). When referring to Entrpreneurship, I’m talking about[…]

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