Divine Feminine Alchemy



The purpose of this blog is to offer support in your journey of mastering the Divine Feminine Principle. This is not a religious website or coaching program. This is a private blog for our community. As the embodiment of Divine Feminine Energy incarnate, we have a responsibility to work with the unseen and unmanifest realm. Our thoughts are powerful, and the greatest protection the feminine offers comes from an unseen realm.

We can bring balance and harmony into our environment by consciously creating our reality. Our ancestors honored both the Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies because they KNEW that Duality and Order are both Universal Laws. This Polarity is divine, and we are here to serve different roles of equal importance.

Finally, it is our job as women to guide and protect our lineage from the subconscious, creative realm. Our thoughts, emotions, and projections onto others are incredibly powerful. They can manifest both heaven and hell for ourselves, our families, and all that we care about.

“Each truth you learn will be, for you, as new as if it had never been written.” ~ Egyptian Proverb

This group should be viewed as a supportive nest of sisters on the same journey, and a tool to rehabilitate your self-image as the Divine Feminine.

Community Rules are as follows:


In other words, try to allow every interaction to be a reflection of Self. All is Self.

Further, please keep all info shared here confidential out of respect for our sisterhood.

“Accept everything just the way it is.” ~ Miyamoto Musashi, Taoist Proverb

Take a look at the video below, and then head over to Our Blog to read the latest information shared within the community.

A message for you,

All that you experience outside of yourself, is a reflection of what lies within yourself.

It is a unique perspective that only you can understand.

If you don’t like it, shift the angle from which you view the world.

Blame no one. Avoid all feelings of guilt and shame. The power lies within. Like most of us, you’ve deceived yourself in thinking anything is outside of your Creation.

Take back your power, and open your eyes to all the abundance and love that is your birthright.

“Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the gods made for fun.” Alan Watts


I am the embodiment of the Divine.


I am a Spiritual Being experiencing a Physical Reality.


I am the Creator of all the Circumstances in my Life.


I am Capable of Anything I can Imagine.


I am Surrendering Myself to the Higher Power within me.


I am Whole and Complete, Every Particle Within me is Perfect.


My thoughts are Daydreams that will Manifest if they are Consistent.


I Protect my loved ones Physically, as well as with my Thoughts & Feelings.


Life is Always in Perfect Balance.


Everything I desire is coming to me in Perfect Ways.